Welcome to Arabian United Float Glass Company (UFG) the first independent Float Glass producer in the Middle East and North Africa.UFG was founded in 2006 as a closed stock company by large strategic institutional investors

In addition to a number of prestigious individual investors enabling it to have strong solid start.The plant’s strategic location in Yanbu city by Red Sea; UFG contacted reputed Technology Providers in Europe, USA and Far East to build its 350,000 square meters plant. Our production lines are equipped with modern and state of the art manufacturing facility to produce 600 tons per day ensuring the best quality glass products of a wide range of thicknesses, colors and sizes enabling us to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.


ISO 9001:2015

UFG established and applies a quality management system for manufacture and supply of Float Glass, Pattern Glass & Silver Mirror.


ARALUX® products complies with EU legislation of a product and free movement within the European market.


UFG follows the strict Japanese Industrial Standards used for industrial activities in Japan. The standardization process is coordinated by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee - JISC and published through Japanese Standards Association - JSA



In 2009 UFG successfully started producing high quality ARALUX® Clear Float Glass having quality matching with international standards.

In 2010 UFG started producing ARALUX® Light (French) Green Glass to become the first in the region to produce Tinted Glass

In 2011 UFG entered into automotive market segment with ARALUX® Automotive Light Green Tinted Glass with the objective of further product diversification.

In 2012 UFG commissioned its new state of the art production line producing ARALUX® Copper/Lead Free Silver Mirror as per European Standard EN 1036-1 requirements.

In 2014 UFG successfully commissioned its new pattern line producing ARALUX® Wired and Non-wired Pattern Glass Products of different colors, designs, thicknesses and dimensions.


UFG Follows a very rigorous recruitment process to bring in and nurture talented individuals. They are always encouraged to partner in the business of growth. Arabian United Float Glass Company employees are well equipped to handle any type of challenge and trained continuously on the latest technologies and practices to expand their knowledge.


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